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11 WAYS to Keep Your House Clean and Odor-Free with Dogs

August 4, 2019 4 min read No Comments

Whenever people see pictures of my house, especially all the white furniture, they’re shocked when I tell them I have two dogs. The questions ensue after that about how I keep it clean then, people like to follow up and wish me luck on keeping it clean when it’s time to have kids (aren’t people so kind?! Lol). But, I’m a walking testament that it is possible to have a clean and odor-free house with dogs.

I decided to write out what 11 things we do to keep our house clean and keep all the paw prints, fur and dog stuff under control.

Control the Scents
  • Air Purifier: Have you ever walked into someone’s house and the pet smell smacks you right in the face? I told D from the start that I refuse to have the pet odor infested house, lol. So, we keep an air purifier in our foyer to keep the air clean and to keep an odor-free house–here’s the one we bought. If you don’t want an air purifier, you can always take the old fashion route and air the house out by opening up your windows (our windows don’t have screens or else we’d nix the air purifier and do that).
  • Plug-Ins: I’m a big fan of scents and my go-to plug-in scent is Sheer Vanilla Embrace–buy it, you’ll love it. I keep one in our foyer and one in our family room–pretty much the high traffic areas.
  • Carpet Powder: There’s a powder we found that’s a God-send and we use it just about every time we vacuum–which is honestly once every two weeks. Just sprinkle it on the carpet, let it sit then vacuum it up. Shampooing the carpet a few times a year helps too.

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Control the Fur
  • Brush Them Regularly: Dog fur is the hardest thing for D and I to control but brushing their coats regularly helps us keep the house clean with two dogs. I usually do it outside or in the garage, away from carpet and furniture. We’re also good about getting them groomed every 6 weeks.
  • Cover Furniture with a Blanket: Our dogs aren’t allowed on most of our furniture but there’s one couch that’s the exception. We cover it with a throw blanket when they’re laying on it–we usually grab some from TJ Maxx for about $20.
keep your house clean and odor-free with pets
Beau (Cockpaoo, almost 2 yrs), the fearless & hard headed troublemaker
Keep Them & Their Areas Clean
  • Paw Wipes: Our hardwood floors take a beating from our dogs, especially on rainy or snowy days. So, I keep a pack of wipes handy and give their paws a good wipe down every time they come in from a walk. I know, it seems like a lot of work but, the other thing I learned is that dogs sweat through their paws so, it creates an odor that can be tracked through your house. So, keeping their paws clean also keeps the house odor-free and prevents the paw smell from getting all over your carpet and furniture.
  • Brush their Teeth: We’re not as good about this as we should be but this also helps with keeping bad odors away–here’s the brand we use.
  • Clean their Dogs Bowls: When you think about what your dog uses the most, it’s usually a certain toy or their dog bowls. Wash those out with soap and warm water–this isn’t only good for keeping the smell of dog food from lingering but is just good for your dog overall.

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Use Storage & Protection
  • Decorative Baskets: I struggled for a while to figure out where to put their leashes and harnesses because I wanted something that could hide everything but also wasn’t bulky like a storage bin. I grabbed this basket from Target for less than $20 and keep it in our foyer closer so it’s easy to grab and keeps us organized.
  • Dog Food Containers: This one took me forever to figure out until I found these amazing dog food containers that are sealed tight. I keep these in our foyer closet too and what I love the most is that they aren’t translucent so if a friend came over and opened the closet, they’d have no idea what was in it.
  • Dog Gates: Believe it or not, when we aren’t home, I protect my white furniture with dog gates. We found these on Amazon and they work like a charm. My dogs are super sneaky when they’re alone so I do whatever I can to keep my nice stuff safe because let me tell y’all, there’s nothing worse than when your dog ruins something and you can’t make them replace it, lol. So, I use them to keep most of the house clean with two dogs on the loose.
Kelow (Pitbull, 10 yrs), sweet and obedient gentle giant

If you made it to the end, I’m sure you think we’re crazy for doing everything I just listed but it makes such a difference. Like I said earlier, I refuse to be that pet owner whose house smells like we have pets so I’ll do whatever it takes to have our dogs AND a clean, odor-free home, lol.

Is there anything you do to keep your house clean with pets? Leave me a comment below!


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