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15 places to take your holiday photos

October 8, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Y’all, Christmas is coming and quickly! While the holidays are my fave, they can be a little stressful for people like me who are over-the-top, lol. In true planner fashion, I’ve started my holiday to-do list including my gift list for the fam and our annual Christmas card photoshoot. Every year though, I have to decide what the theme is (casual, formal, fun) and where we’re taking the pics. I figured I’m not the only one who needs a little help scoping out locations so I made a list that I hope is helpful. Here are 15 places to take your holiday photos this season.

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1. Nearby park

2. Rooftop

3. Museum

4. At home

5. Historic site

6. Hotel lobby

7. Photography studio

8. Ice skating rink

9. Beach

10. Tree farm

11. Botanical garden

12. Nearby attraction

13. Theater

14. Local winery

15. Coffee shop

Before you pick your location, check out their photography rules to make sure you’re in the clear and allowed to take pics. The last thing you want is to be all dressed up only to be kicked out (or, in some cases, fined). Also, when you think about the clothes you’ll wear for the pics, try staying away from crazy patterns like houndstooth or colors that could wash you out, especially in outdoor locations. Hopefully this list of 15 places to take your holiday photos gave you some inspo for your family pics.

I would love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite places to take holiday photos? Are there any missing from the list I shared that you would add?

Here are some of me and D’s Christmas card pics over the years.

2015: Brookside Gardens (Silver Spring, MD)

Photographer: Jonnie H Photography

Holiday Photos
Holiday photo in Maryland

2016: Meridian Hill Park (Washington, DC)

Photographer: Jonnie H Photography

DC Holiday photo
Meridian Hill Park holiday photo

2017: At home (Washington, DC Area)

Photographer: Jonnie H Photography

Holiday photos at home
Holiday photos at home

2018: US Capitol (Washington, DC)

Photographer: Jonnie H Photography

Capitol Holiday Photo
US Capitol Holiday Photo

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