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3 years in: we tell all on our anniversary

September 4, 2018 4 min read No Comments

September 4 marks three years we’ve been married (that time flew by!) so I thought I’d have a little fun and do a Q&A session to see how well we know each other and so y’all can get to know us. Here we go!

Let’s start off with some sweet questions, lol.

1. When did you meet and what was your first impression of each other?

D: Atlantic City. I was smitten but I could tell she didn’t like me.

Jenna: We were at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2009. I honestly didn’t give him much of a second thought because I knew two things about him: (1) he was a football player and (2) in a fraternity so I was familiar with his type and wasn’t interested. He also had a dry sense of humor that he tried to use on me but it didn’t work…I wasn’t impressed, LOL.

2. Who said “I love you” first?

D: Me

Jenna: He did. I think I said it a month or two later, lol.

3. Describe the moment you remember most from your wedding day.

D: I remember the first look because I miscalculated the time and I thought it was an hour later than it actually was. I remember running around with my groomsmen trying to get everything sorted. But it was all worth it when we made it on time because she was gorgeous, she was just beautiful. And, truth be told, I don’t think Jenna knew until now, lol.

Jenna: I remember sitting in my hotel room waiting for the call from D’s best man that he was at “the first look” location. I was SO excited, I couldn’t sit still. Everyone kept asking if I was nervous but I had never been so sure about something as I was about marrying D that nervousness never came over me that day. Well, the call came and I walked down to meet him with my photographer and maid of honor. His reaction when he turned around was palpable. That moment was surreal and incredibly intimate. Even though the photographers were snapping away, it felt like it was just us out there and we were so in love.

4. What’s your favorite date night activity?

D: Smoking cigars on our porch.

Jenna: Going out to dinner in DC then walking around the monuments at night.

Now let’s get a little personal.

5. What’s a quirk or bad habit the other has that drives you crazy?

D: Every time we turn on a movie, Jenna falls asleep.

Jenna: Whenever D makes food, whether it’s a big meal or just a PB&J, I can guarantee he’ll leave a napkin, crumbs and his dish (or several) on the kitchen counter. This will probably be the cause of my first gray hair, lol.

6. Name one thing you’d love for the other to get rid of but they won’t.

D: Her house slippers.

Jenna: His penny loafers!! He knows how I feel about them and went as far as putting pennies in them to tease me. They’re nice but I feel like he’s aging himself before he needs to, lol.

7. What’s something that’s true about the other that you’d never guess by looking at them?

D: You would never know the Philly side comes out when she’s mad. She looks so sweet but if you press the wrong button, hell hath no fury like Jenna Boyer.

Jenna: D is REALLY goofy. Here’s a pic of him riding the escalator…at the mall…on a Saturday, LOL.

8. If you won the lottery, what would you do/buy with the money? If the other won it, what would they do?

D: I would pay off all my law school debt, then open up several motorcycle dealerships. Jenna would probably take her interior decorating business full-time.

Jenna: I would pay off all my student loans, immediately! D would probably (and finally) buy a Corvette…then I’d drive it everyday, lol.

9. How is marriage different from what you expected?

D: It’s a lot more planning than I expected.

Jenna: It’s so fulfilling to watch D evolve as a man and husband but I never thought about how much our needs would evolve with us. Before we got married, our careers weren’t as intense so what we needed emotionally from each other to sustain was different. Now our lives are big calendars due to work and side priorities that can sometimes be stressful so, how we need each other’s support or positive affirmation has transformed. It takes a true partnership.

10. What’s the greatest thing marriage has taught you?

D: Compromise, because marriage is about supporting one another and also growth. And the only way to do that is, often, through compromise because things go from being “mine” to “ours.” That goes for everything from activities, to priorities, to obligations.

Jenna: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to loving or caring about someone (intimately or platonically). Love and appreciate your significant other–and even friends and family–the way they need to be loved, not the way you think they should be loved. And people aren’t linear so how they need to be loved may change and you have to adapt to that.

Lightning Round!

Who’s the better cook?

D: Me

Jenna: Me 

Who’s most likely to get lost?

D: Me

Jenna: He is

Who’s most likely to apologize first?

D: Me

Jenna: He is because he’s most likely the one that’s wrong LOL

What’s a trip you want to take together?

D: Bora Bora

Jenna: Greece

Describe each other in three words.

D: Jenna is determined, intelligent and effective–if she wants something, she makes it happen

Jenna: D is intelligent, driven and a thrill-seeker


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