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40 Date Ideas That’ll Get You Through the Winter

January 7, 2020 3 min read No Comments

I’m sure there’s someone you know who has said this before but, I don’t do the cold. Every winter, I warn D that once the temperature gets below 30, I’m only going outside to go to work and Target, lol. I’ll see the outside again in April. I’ll be honest though, I am trying to be better about braving the cold but on those nights when I’m just not feeling it, I want to make sure I have something fun for us to do inside besides movie night on the couch. So, I made a list of 40 date ideas to get us through the cold winter months.

I’m a firm believer that there are two people in this world: people who hate the cold and people who love it–I have never met anyone who is indifferent to it. If you’re reading this and aren’t phased by the cold, I’d love to meet you, lol. I tailored the list to those two types of people and split it up between “at home” ideas for anyone who’s like me and hates the cold. And, “outside of the house” ideas for anyone like D who loves it and has no problem layering up. Check it out and if there are any other ideas you think of that I didn’t mention, leave them in the comments below.

40 Date Ideas That’ll Get You Through the Winter

Ideas for At-Home Dates:

1. Make it a game night (Jenga, cards, chess)

2. Grab a bath bomb and take a bath together

3. Hire a chef to make dinner at home for two

4. Have movie night at home

5. Set up paint and sip

6. Create a playlist and enjoy a night at home with music

7. Make breakfast or brunch together

8. Roast s’mores (microwave or stove top works)

9. Binge watch a show on Netflix or Hulu

10. Bake a dessert

11. Put together a puzzle

12. Listen to a podcast

13. Plan your next vacation

14. Ask each other questions (nothing is off limits!)

15. Set up a hot chocolate and cookies or ice cream bar

16. Find a wine and cheese pairing guide online and experiment

17. Try a craft like making vision boards

18. Make a bucket list for the year

19. Makeover a room or a piece of furniture

20. Have a masseuse come to you through Soothe

Activities to Get You Out of the House:

21. Go to paint + sip

22. Hit a concert or comedy club

23. Watch a sports game at a local bar

24. Take a dance class together

24. Go bowling

25. Try “Escape the Room”

26. Go skating (ice skating or roller skating)

27. Check out at an indoor go-karting track

28. See a movie in theaters

29. Try indoor skydiving

30. Hit up laser tag

31. Go to an indoor trampoline park

32. Visit a museum or local attraction

33. Take a workout class (yoga, boxing, etc.)

34. Go out to dinner or brunch

35. Check out a live sporting event like basketball

36. Try a local coffee shop that isn’t Starbucks

37. Have fun at Dave & Buster’s

38. Get tickets to a play

39. Take a cooking class

40. Share dessert at your favorite restaurant


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