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My Experience Doing a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

May 10, 2019 5 min read No Comments

My MS medicine makes me super bloated and nauseous sometimes so, I wanted to cleanse my system and decided to do a juice cleanse. I heard good things about Jus by Julie from some co-workers and decided to try the three-day cleanse. Here’s how it went.

Day One – Monday, May 6, 6:43pm:
I started off strong this morning, feeling good about deciding to try this and, surprisingly, not feeling as hungry as I thought I would. I even used my standing desk in the morning. I’ve got this! Then, noon came and I smelled people warming up their lunches and heard forks clinking against plates, which made me drool ever so slightly but I fought the urge to eat.

Fast forward to 1pm–I decided to go for a quick walk outside and I felt ah-mazing! The weather was gorgeous, no humidity, my hair looked amazing and the walk energized me for tackling my afternoon tasks. Then, 4pm hit and it hit me HARD. And to make matters worse, I called my mom on my drive home and she expressed her craving for a salad made up of avocado, spinach, eggs and a bevy of other ingredients until I gingerly interrupted her. Mom, I’m in a tough place in my life right now and can’t listen to you talk about food. She laughed and apologized but the damage was already done.

When I got in, I flung open the cleanse brochure to see what foods were on the “okay to have” list and saw egg whites on page 3. I threw the pamphlet, abandoning it on the kitchen floor and lunged to the refrigerator in search of eggs. 4 left, whew! I’ve never watched eggs boil with so much desperation before in my life. I ate two and simmered down on my porch, so satisfied.

At 6pm, I drank my 5th juice which means I have one left to go. It’s taking everything in me not to shove some fruit or bread down my throat but, knowing I only have 2 more days to go is making me feel better…I think. I can do this (sobs).

Day Two – Tuesday, May 7, 5:05pm
Well, I made it to and through day two. I woke up with a lot of energy and felt great all morning and afternoon. I even noticed that I moved slower to finish my juices–it’s 5pm and I still have 2 left. I also realized that I’m going to the bathroom a LOT more, like…almost every hour. Between the juice and the water, I’m a waterfall (TMI? probably).

Also, this cleanse was supposed to be something I did with two other coworkers and on Monday, one admitted that at 10am, she failed and ate a whole salad with chicken, dressing, etc. So, she was out. Then, this morning I found out my second coworker ate chips last night. I’m solo out here and hearing them talk about their food almost made me crack until I looked in the mirror today and saw how amazing I looked in my little dress (*cue the Beyonce wind*).

I’m still thinking about Wawa and that damn salad my mom talked about yesterday. Of course she mentioned her plans to make spaghetti for dinner tonight but I’m in a better place today so I could handle it–I also don’t crave spaghetti. I’m not craving egg whites tonight, either, but I do want food. Tonight, I plan to research what I should eat as my first meal Thursday morning so my body doesn’t go into shock and send me running to the restroom.

I wish today had been more eventful than yesterday but, it’s not. All I can say is, I feel great and I’m ready to finish strong tomorrow.

Day Three – Wednesday, May 8, 9:50pm

Y’all, I woke up starving this morning but also so excited because this is the LAST day! Ugh. I keep thinking about what I want to eat first. Of course I want a Five Guys burger with fries and a milkshake but the pamphlet that came with my juices said to ease back in starting with fruit and vegetables.

By 11am, I was okay although, once again, I had to smell everyone’s lunch around noon and hear the clinking forks *sigh*. My energy is up though! I haven’t needed coffee for the past two days and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. I’m not sure if I can attribute both to the cleanse but when I did this last year, I remember not needing coffee.

All in all, I’m happy I did this for a few reasons:

  1. It made me remember how it is to not be so full. I think we all naturally eat until we’re full instead of eating until we’re satisfied. Growing up, I never ate a lot and my friends always made fun of me–so much so that they would legit celebrate whenever I would finish my meal. That pressure to finish has stuck with me, making me want to demolish everything on my plate. But this cleanse helped me recall how good I feel after a meal if I don’t eat to my max.
  2. It resets my digestive system in a way which feels amazing! I don’t feel weighed down like I do after I eat bread (even though I love bread) so it also reminds me to ease up on the heavy food.
  3. My flat stomach during those three days made me want to workout even more. I ran 30 miles in April, right before I did the cleanse, to help me shed fat. Now, I’m focused on weights and bulking up my muscles and the cleanse made me want to keep my fitness streak going.

I turn 30 this summer and my goal is to be in shape and healthy when that date comes. This is one step of many to help me achieve that goal and it wasn’t the slightest bit easy but it was worth it!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? How did you feel?


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