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My Morning Routine That Gets Me Ready to Conquer the Day

May 29, 2019 3 min read No Comments

I posted a month or so ago on Instagram asking my followers if they had morning routines and, if they did, what it consisted of. I asked because I struggled to create a morning routine, although I wanted one so badly! Call me cheesy but I’m one of those people who believes “how you start the day sets the tone for the day” and I couldn’t nail down how I’d want mine to start–especially before I jump in the car to put up with the DC area traffic *scoffs.* So, I tried a few different things until I landed on the routine that’s right for me. Here we go:

Meditate with Headspace
Before I get out of bed, the first thing I do is turn on my Headspace app and meditate for 10 minutes. I chose to do this first because the first 10-15 minutes after my alarm goes off is the quietest part of my morning so, I’m distraction-free and already in the right place mentally. This also keeps me from checking work email right away (I used to be so bad at this!).

Read my daily devotion & pray
After I meditate, I reach for my daily devotions book by Joyce Meyers. I originally bought this for my mom and she talked about it so much that I decided to buy it for myself and I LOVE it! After I read the day’s devotion, I pray, expressing my gratitude for where I am in that moment and for what’s to come.

Next, I hit the gym. I usually start off with a 10 minute cardio warmup then hit the weights. Monday & Wednesdays are leg day, Tuesdays and Thursdays are arms and abs and Friday is my day to do a long run–usually 2-3 miles…or just 1 mile, lol.

Drink a bottle of water
Do y’all ever get to the end of the day and realize you had one, maybe 2, glasses of water? This kept happening to me then I’d get home from work and try to chug 3-4 glasses (NOT a good idea to do at night, lol). So now, I drink a bottle of water every morning before I leave the house.

Play music to boost my energy
I like to shower and get dressed to music to get me pumped for the day. Lately, I’ve got Beyonce’s Homecoming album as my morning music–I swear I’ll change it one day but for now, this takes my energy from 2 to a solid 10, lol.

Recite my daily mantra
Once I’m dressed with my hair and makeup done, I stand in the mirror and recite my daily mantra. It’s a little longer than most (a little too long according to D, lol) but, it has everything I need and want to tell myself. If you haven’t written one, I highly recommend it! Check out Pinterest for some ideas then find quiet time to jot yours down and set aside time every morning to say it.

Eat breakfast
The last–and most important–thing I do every morning before I start work is eat breakfast. I say most important because if I skip breakfast, I transform into Drogon and will Dracarys anything in my path LOL. I usually make overnight oats or a protein shake and take it to go so I can eat when I get to the office.

What’s your morning routine? Feel free to share in the comments!


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