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#Mytraveldiary: savage river lodge

February 18, 2019 5 min read No Comments

Last year, an old coworker posted on IG about a cabin trip she took with her fam in Maryland and I immediately added it to our travel bucket list. Well, I finally booked the trip to Savage River Lodge (SRL) in Frostburg, MD and I'm already itching to go back, lol.

We drove to SRL on a Friday afternoon and the 2.5 drive was easy with little to no traffic (which is huge for the DC area) and seeing the mountains was so pretty. When we got there, we pulled up to the Lodge to grab our key and the woman at the front desk gave me a small map that showed us where Cabin 17 was then handed me our key--which had a flashlight attached--and sent us to check in. We reserved a Forest View cabin which offered a little more privacy than the others.

As soon as we walked in, the cabin was so warm and cozy that I immediately felt relaxed. You know how it is when you walk into a hotel room and you feel a little energized? This was different. I felt at home in a way I've never experienced.

We dropped our bags and explored the cabin, which was decorated with rustic but comfortable furniture; a gas fireplace that's triggered by the thermostat; a spacious loft where we slept; a generously sized bathroom with a double vanity (thank God, lol); a bookshelf full of books and games; and the cutest coffee, tea and hot chocolate bar. It was weird to walk in and not cut the TV on or hunt down the WiFi password but the seclusion was refreshing AF.

The first thing I did when we got in was change into some PJs, pop open the book I brought with me and get comfy on the arm chair by the fireplace until it was time to go eat dinner at The Lodge.

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There was a path surrounded by trees that led us from the cabin area to The Lodge, which we used the flashlight to see our way through. When we walked into The Lodge, we were greeted by a common area where you can sit by the fireplace as well as a bar where you can enjoy a drink outside of the restaurant. Speaking of the restaurant. We ate there for breakfast, lunch and dinner the whole weekend and every single meal was delicious! Oh, and the wine list was surprisingly extensive (although, we brought our own wine for the weekend to keep costs low so we didn't try any from their menu)! Of everything we ate, our favorite meals were the Lobster Mac & Cheese and Half Chicken Piccata--I low-key still think about that mac & cheese, lol.

The vibe of The Lodge was just like the cabin--rustic but welcoming and cozy. I didn't get too many pics of the inside of the restaurant because it was a little dark so they didn't come out well but D kept saying he loved how much it felt like a legitimate lodge--being from the country, he appreciated that, lol.

Besides the good food and chill ambiance, I can't say enough about how SRL made us feel so welcomed but also made us feel like we were in our own world. There were other cabins around us that were occupied but, we rarely saw anyone, everyone was respectful of each other's seclusion and there was no phone in the cabin so you felt like you were on your own, in a good way. There was a booklet on the table that had a telephone number we could call after hours so we knew help was close by if we needed it but, we never did. The booklet also gave us the scoop on SRL's history, fun facts about the Savage River Forest and suggestions for fun things to do off-site.

The other thing I loved so much about SRL was the personal touches. There was a guest book on the bookshelf where guests shared their sentiments for the experience, all of which echoed ours--a few people even wrote about their third and fourth trips to SRL. All of the notes were written to the SRL founders, Mike and Jan, who we saw several times hanging around in The Lodge and spotted a few notes from scattered throughout our cabin. We felt like were were a part of a community which also made us feel safe.

Lastly, a basket was dropped off at our front door every morning around 9:30 that had muffins and orange juice for each of us, plus dog treats, one for each of our dogs. I know I've said this already but the balance of giving us space while simultaneously being attentive to us was amazing.

We spent the last day exploring the Savage River Forest a bit, which is marked with different trails so you always know where you are. I read online before we got there that Savage River Forest has black bears, wild turkeys and bobcats but we didn't see any during our walk, unfortunately. I was ready to come face-to-face with a bear y'all, LOL.

I think I can speak for me and D when I say we weren't ready to leave when Sunday came around. I even threw out the idea of spontaneously staying another night but the only way we could've made it work without missing work on Monday was to wake up around 4am/5am to drive home. But, we do plan to go back! Besides the dope cabins, SRL also has Yurts. We opted for the cabin this time since the Yurts aren't pet friendly but we'll def be back to try them!

The trip to SRL was not only the perfect way to end my social media break but, it reminded me of how the smallest touches can make the biggest difference in making guests feel welcome. Mike and Jan are #HospitalityGoals. Now, let me go find a guest book online and buy some robes for my guest room, lol.

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