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What to pack for a DAY AT A winery

June 9, 2019 3 min read No Comments

Going to a winery has been on my summer bucket list for the past two summers and I finally made it happen with three of my closest friends. We checked out Sugarloaf Winery in Dickerson, Maryland and it was so much fun! This was my second time at a winery and I loved this one so much because it was low key and not overwhelmingly big. It’s perfect for anyone hitting a winery for the first time or if you want to visit one without going too far into VA.

The wine there was really good, too! We tried the Chardonnay and the Viognier, both of which were gone in what felt like 60 seconds, ha. There was also some live music that we really enjoyed and the other folks visiting were chill so, we loved the ambiance all around. I took a blanket with me and ended up napping right on top of it, under a tree, and woke up bragging to my friends about how that was hands down the best nap of my life. It was so good y’all that, the next day, I went to Home Depot and bought a hammock, LOL.

Anyways, if you’re going to a winery this summer, I’ve put together a little list of things you should consider taking with you. Of course it all depends on how many people are going and what you like with your wine but we knew we’d be there all day so we packed as much as we could and split the list four ways. Below are some items we took that worked really well and some things we forgot to bring and needed.

If you’re a winery regular, what other items do you typically take with you?

For the Menu
The key to bringing food to a winery is to take items that require little to no clean up and items that don’t require a lot of prep. Grab a small vegetable platter from the grocery store or bring fruit like plumps, apples, and grapes that don’t create a lot of trash. Some wineries also provide cheese & crackers so check out their website before you go. If you need some help pairing cheese & crackers, here’s a pin I found that can help.

Here’s my recommended menu:
– Fruit and/or vegetables
– Cheese & crackers
– Small sandwiches or wraps
– Side dish (chips, pre-made salad)
– Water (this is a big one!)
– Dessert (keep it simple with cookies or chocolate candy)

For the Food
When we went to Sugarloaf, we were loaded up with food but forgot to bring plates and napkins. Luckily, they had some napkins and plasticware there but it would’ve been easier if we had brought our own. And, depending on what food is on the menu, bring one or two real knives–we used our hands to split the sandwiches but a real knife was what we needed.

Here’s my recommended list to serve the food:
– Plates
– Plasticware (forks, knives, spoons)
– One real knife (for cutting sandwiches, fruit, cheese, etc.)
– Napkins
– Plastic bag to collect trash

For the Skin
Don’t forget to bring these three essentials since you’ll be outside and in the sun. If you have some lying around, take sunglasses and/or a hat, too.
– Sunscreen
– Bug spray
– Hand sanitizer
– Wipes (we had baby wipes which worked well to clean our hands if they got sticky)

Other Items
– Cash (just in case)
– Blanket (you may not want to have an epic nap like I did but, it was nice to go back and forth from the picnic table to the grass)


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